Jan 16, 2007

Nina Smiles..

he is relentless
ping ping ping

she had to google the name
an interview in 3am

a short story about the infected
she thinks perhaps he needs some sunshine
other than the artificial kind

for once the annoying dogs attempting to access her computer
aren't getting on her nerves

her coral hair will soon be
quiet & locked in sleep

the cat naps with her new


Jan 13, 2007

take a picture, it will last longer

to them of plastic extensions &
perfect buttocks
this solar hole is vulgar

somewhere a motionless lunatic is being struck
& windows applaud by
extending their eyes:

a living taste or waste

a civil layer of jam on cracker

raw hide

a 'thing'

the voice of time is heavy
a revolving satellite
a toilet

is there such a thing as calm

sang u in o lent

in the hum of dark
cool towers

lovers in the shower

@ gifts.com
a man spends too much on
roses & silly string

Jan 7, 2007

So Hot

like skin.a love, slightly dainty.
tender softness in text area above add
not keep-out

so I paste the sky with
petal laughter & wild toes

I can desktop,
the worm preserved, A solid curve.
Type and click text
cut it
have random acts
in the cracks
where night smiles

then crawl down into the slow window
blowing the machine
Google black leather, to fit tip of finger
while rubber is Tight & pasted

your move is checked
to finish your soul-can
full of still, small, sweet cakes &
yes, the sucky sun, coming
hits the panes,
and you
fist to your mouth