May 31, 2013

alphawezen - rain (unofficial version)

i really shouldn't write anything, being in the mood, i am. bad. bad. bad mood. all i did today was eat. bad things. like: hot dogs, salt n vinegar chips, cookies, candy.
my neck and shoulders hurt hurt hurt and i am afraid to take anymore arthritis pills.
see what i mean? went to my bad place in a matter of seconds.
so i will stick to the positive. i finally set up my 5 gallon death tank. i broke my own rule - which is - always buy the biggest tank you can possibly manage. it would be cruel to actually put a fish in this aquarium.

May 13, 2013

Nouvelle Vague - Manner of Speaking & sex in our little world of unselves

my shadow
snakes across your waking grin—

I have ascended on you.

To melt in my mouth?

Yes. Open-ended.

Oh, I. Am. Feeling a
comprehensive rise.

I will have to slide down and open my invisible jaw.

Heh.. I haven't decided if your blackest eyelashes
in all of their monofilament depth
are soft as wings or if they give me the creeps..

OKAY. That just ruined the moment.

Oh, geeeeeeeez.

The Dead Weather - I Can't Hear You (Studio Version)

Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne (Live)

May 12, 2013

of moon spikes and bad radio listings

we stayed up late at someone else's garden party
a quarter to two and I'm thinking
impressed with the enormity of how small-time is
drinking a 'slow low'
next to the charcoal grill and
white blossoms
I pull a nickle and take a drag
of what I like to call
grounded oyster -
'I'll tell you what'
you were the lumpy to my bumpy
under that dern

May 10, 2013

oh wow!

how cool it is to be able to fly thru the internet instead of having to crawl on broken glass! i have a new ISP! ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't want to leave for work!

May 3, 2013

crackin' on the magic or

shoot the angel tethered to the grave

and the night presses against the tiny aspen

and the hunter's aim shifts

over shadow

over space

how's that for poetic lace?

a flutter to the bruise?

nah, your words only calm and stradle

thanks. i love you, too.


-another time-

on the back of the photo you wrote,
'they never came'.
another rite of passage -
the dark, white
surf, rushes our house by the sea

you ignite
the dangling from within;
this dreamed universe

I miss you:
ring-of-chandelier, hot-pin
gravel of sea-chatter
light in-this-s]hell


i know you hate indie.
but. this song reminds me of you.