Dec 22, 2016


love the quest. or:
godzilla vs the gorillaz.
your lips on the screen.
what a great time

pop back in

i was feeling so blue
history dangle from my rosary
new world order

triggered me
something awful

< no doubt, let’s drop colors & camelot the spot >


pass the plans, the OMD

(oh yeah, i’m off that mascot
make a list)


so you say?

back so soon..
to a new

vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires

pretend it’s wine

this cold page of a cool book
is mine

death we are and death we’ve always been

even over the ole toilet hole


dusts off beer
throws it in the trash
fresh men in dirty times
not me
and you
you are hell prone
on a ram’s spine
what to do?
i fall back into the autumn nite
wishing i could still ride a bike
but i cracked my tail-bone
a long time ago
walk down to the bridge
on a one-lane road
the red-necks drive by in their trucks
the view to the left is vaguely crumbled

and i know the mountain is holding a buzz
i am nothing but my little poisons and stupid poems
but hey

the creek isn’t frozen yet
it races past
gurgling its wet laugh
at the geese or ducks

or whatever the fuck those things are


call me
singing that myself
beaming on the outside
scared on the inside
winding sounds better than racing

moon moment
watch out
the lost olive tied to a halo
i feel water drunk
when i look in your direction
i’m not on twitter but
i check your tweets
plum is just another color
for kiss
rain air
and earth me

you’re a star

“you probably over watered that plant”

like a hot love whale
in training to house a smile and happy chests - love breathing
say are you over there
with a father
wearing jesus
on his back?
you write storms with dust
real tongue detail
how street screen -
all i can do is scramble and unscramble
your sky
i’d join you
in the misery soup
even though i am over here
& i had the best damn dream this morning
woke up sobbing, why,
i dunno.
a bridge size tide of joy
it was winter, beautiful
snow, and his kiss was like fruit
in champagne
not that i want to be drunk
holy oysters of sleep!
emoji stars in humming grass
sorry i haven’t written
sorry your date didn’t work out

“kissing you”

kissing you
would be like letting the blowing wind
drown me
kissing you
would be like taking the wood out of the trees
and stacking our years
by wading (because you’re a baby) lake water
our online tracks
some mud in the middle of some grass

i wonder would your feet be a gentle heater or are they ice cold
when you cry
your tears would grow roots in my skin
you couldn’t get any closer

but nah
u would never leave your dark shed of wasteland