Jul 31, 2018

The rejected found poems

"Admissions for Submission"

A. He was a middle-class conversationalist. Carried a black umbrella. I was as twisted as a poppy. Thorns and potpourri. It was so 90's.

B. Something about greatness, something about hue. A vehicle for dreamers. In the poems he never stopped smoking and always stole the roses.

C. Never could arrange the perfect trifecta. Twine left in the paws of a cat. Now he has two dogs.

"A Tie"

Black with aqua swirls. Straightened in the back seat
before stepping onto the curb, at the marble steps of St. Lucy's.

A Variation - "After"

We tied off with your funeral tie. First you, then I.
I always needed help.
Tell me again, what the wind does to your kind.



@ the gazebo. You told me that some angels do smoke. You talked about angels, a lot.
It was snowing. Listen, 64% of this country believe in them, according to a recent article in Newsweek. And, you had seen a few on the 3rd floor of that hospital. . Remember Nina and how she melted crayons on the steam radiators. Her sleeves were always rolled up. Sometimes she was a blonde.

"In Heavy Rotation"

1. Raising the Titanic BY not the hand of God
2. There is a Trace of You BY pulling me toward what little remains

Apr 30, 2018

Re: 34 minutes and 9 secs

Remember being on Yuku, drunk
Begging you to join me on those other
Boards. I don't even remember their names. .
Poetic Constellations and mama's front porch
Or something like that. .
I'd get pretty excited when you'd occasionally show up.
Today I found an official Pink Floyd channel on youtube, never thought I'd see the day! It's there to sell tickets of course, but still!