Aug 19, 2015

" "

augmented reality:
all signs stuck to velcro & we’re listening to autopsy -
“dark like a subreddit” / all exits locked.
we call in transfusions. to the blood park.
wake up at a funeral.
your T-shirt says, GO ENTROPY!
blood vessels and stars leak into our car-jack video.
we steal light from alien trees, walk into vine/wine hour.
what the hell is a vine, anyway? the valve of a door?
radiation. the universe faking its own story.
reincarnation makes me tired. the bartender
is blowing up twitter with his cock tail science.
here’s to
short conversations @ high tables,
bruises identified on a bar stool, and
and seeing beneath the crowd.

Aug 18, 2015

“i’m dressed as victim chic, playing vision quest by myself in the dead arcade of the dead mall.”

waiting on u, with my heroin affliction. are we in a movie? brown dogs run
unleashed thru the theater. i have med checks in my pockets, i don’t know
what for. a resurrection failed. was i suppose to meet u here,
or at my apartment? i want to walk home but i can’t google it. i want to
go home and change into an angel so you can murder me with just
your mouth. like out in some field Cain is listening to no one. the girl that
lives in the apartment next to me, has two kittens named Risperdal & Ritalin.
our roof-top garden smells like panama and tonite is so temporary.
i dare u to sleep here and play quest in my mouth. let’s go out.

the beautiful streets
like mirrors.

Aug 13, 2015

"soon enough the sun will rise"

Dreaming in
the language of your
appearance & the lack of. I’m trying to forgive
and look a little convinced. You remind me again to write the
I do, and I want to join your club
so I walk with you while you try to drink
and swim.
Ah, the talons of summer, scratching everyone’s skin.
Ages & real names are making a come back. I always enter
what hasn’t happened yet.
Just look at them. Nothing fits anymore.
And those who are dead, grow. Is it easy to quit a job
and sunlight?
Is this broken-window talk?
There is a sad loneliness in hotels. Do U feel it too?
Here, I packed this Frankenstein tote with lots of moisturizer
& vitamin D.

“this poem has nothing to do with you, in 60 words.. more or less”

Embrace the darkness in which we roam. There isn’t a new church

In the woods;
Only ancient, garnet flickers. I looked. The deer, a mural on water. Dew-drops
In someone’s hair. Volumising the lift - we squeal! The moments sparkle & glow
Horror vacui in the night, all night. We pump & jump. Molecular memories.

Aug 9, 2015

"U don't know where u met me"

but it got u into ancient greek
everything facsimiles eventually and blurs the history of the valley, the freeway, the you, — messing around with death, using Gmail with god screens & savers

making birds speak marketplace &
Himalayan in the same accent.
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ask me if i got it for satan ask me if
the daylight rn is a prayer i forgot to rough draft
to me u feel like a low grade burning
and u r probably getting sunburns w/clones and that witch that looks like a kind of 90s Woolf when she was the last sort of cool thing u remember happening.

nah. what really happened is i started writing something decent and i lost it because i am having a hard time with copy and paste on this new dellerina

so what’s Happening? another great scary growth in a new suburban house? I’m trying to see you but u are standing between two car headlights. Headlights. — machine light i now fall from
buildings are a rough mouth
alien designs
sit in your lungs
and what about the animal bites
i take arms against the 139 remix
america repeats
@midnight i turn into 0. 0. 08 GB