Dec 22, 2006

Nina Can't Believe

all the cacca & pipi
that people gladly

all the care and medi and state and vacation



she screams this at the cat.

on her doormat
another note from the blair witch across the hall:
the mailman didn't deliver the mail
he is stealing

oh don't break my heart
don't heart my break

& if you log onto my
myspace page one more time
I will personally kill you with
mirrors & a budapest for each eye
because I hate how your slimy
try to
touch mine

now about that goblin
tryin to find light in my astonished sugar

I sleep dreamless and will cage your lewd
grinding swoop

Dec 21, 2006


she sucks in her breath, keeps her red dress on,
the one with the tiny death buttons &
i only want to be the silent diamond on her garter belt (black as a funeral).
i want to taste her wet blue soul &
just be, haunted, reposed & splintered.

she never smiles, just stares, exposed. if i get naked,
will you hold me, use a careful fierceness to make me sweat?
o i am gasping uhuhuh working up to the shiny heard star,
feeling like a tear that tears, only dropping
to suck on her, majestic sprawling lips.

Two Poems

Inspired By Her Poem About Nothing

I wanted to pull those dotty
black birds out of your sky
But you said
you liked the way they bent the blue


The Strapless Dress

She didn't want to wear the dress
said her arms were too fat
as I kissed each beauty mark
she said
she was glad she did