Apr 29, 2012

the only good thing about today was

the oreo cookie watching - Faust - It's a Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl) 1972 i like you the thought of you the idea of doing something with you, as of yet, just one thing like picking you up for a ride in my huge pimpin gas guzzling machine (i can't believe no one has made any rude remarks about my SUV, on the stupid facehook) anyway.. i will walk in and you will be sitting in the hallway and i will say in my usual cocky way - i see you are sitting here waiting for me and you will say, with your usual eye-skit-ish fake-shy way, no but we will laugh at the same time. then i will ask, do you want to go for a ride with me? if you aren't expecting any visitors you will say yes maybe i will wear my red blouse really i just want to play that, little green bag, song, for you. i think you will like it. working on a spotify playlist called ~ Negativland as in Foto ~

Apr 20, 2012

a revisit

Mar 10, 2011 Nachtmusik You wear your red t-shirt like my fever, cover your eyes with sun glass.. and drive, drive, drive. I wake, only to find more snow has fallen. .. Fallen looks, that glitter in their shells .. Shells & songs. sung out loud. spaces, roll by, and pass your cursive heart. the crunch of tires on ice. Ice blue. the waitress sits down our steaks. more lemon slices in a plastic cup. your phone vibrates on the table. tattered cherubs stuck to the wall. Labels: jj kills posted by Tasha at 2:01 AM ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;