Jan 30, 2010


garlic and chocolate. apples and salt.

keebler club crackers, a little scotch and planters cashews


i want to have fun with you. i do i do i do!

do you remember the last movie we watched
and if it was really me, that was with you?

i remember your mad mouth
and your sad mouth

what about that narrow, dark place i touched
and the window i couldn't really see through?

all i know is
you touched me as if i were a flower
and that should be good enough for you.

lol, warm thing...

you make my heart sing?

yeah and if you want
i'll be the napkin if you be the ring.


Jan 25, 2010

Nina Laughs

she found her silver purse. it doesn't sparkle but the fringe is fun.

you should have bought the boots

she puts the purse in the closet with the 2 matching scarfs. no palm trees just beautiful cobblestones, a fireplace and snow.

your body is cold

winter is a vampire

that looks like you

Jan 19, 2010

Nina Dreams as

reflections repeat - nights in the duplex box. and through the window:
angels float from another host. . dark, filled with holes, cracks, & smoke.
these holes
fingerprint her with glints
push her into everywhere they've been -
haiku of smoky noise.
her naked body stirs, but only, slightly.


far away
tombed in his own dreams
black irises
burn lips, smear themselves on bony & fat tips..


basket thighs

how's your cash?

i'm broke


Nina is a theater
her bangs & lungs are spray-painted
the word
is etched
like a tunnel -

he is
a pink
tiny bits of ice stuck in his bit
a vibrating line
marking the gloom



Jan 11, 2010

consider each keystroke ..

a kiss.


with bloody cuticles and shaky hands
Nina types into the machine..

dear ghost eyes
i am sorry for calling you mean names. i am sorry you are sad.

know this:

you are my velvety ocean & my dreamland.
my nest & my pulse
my fever, my socket, my
glass. my dark shadow ~

i came across time for you,
died a million deaths with you

ran through alleys &
walked through gardens of stars with you