May 28, 2017

Though I loved my last dell laptop (lil' dellarina), I dispise the bigger, newer one

I own now. It is so messed up.. when I think about it, all the problems started at the beginning because I didn't want to use the browser that came with it, I wanted to use Firefox. So everything is always conflicting. And what happened to the day when you could just click on a little icon on the bottom left and find all your files? ugh. Today after about an hour I finally found my camera app again and made a video. But could I upload this vid to utube? NO, of course not. Why does all this computer stuff seem so much more complicated then it used to be? No programs that I have on this laptop are in sync with each other. The strongest program just updates itself and (yes I know I can change that in 'settings') bumps down it's biggest competitor and I have no control over anything. Nothing on this laptop is the way I want it to be, lol. So right now, in the middle of my living room floor lies my pile of "empties". And I just took some sinus pills so that I can just go to sleep and stay there in peace. Tomorrow is a new day. Good nite.