Sep 26, 2009


Nina regrets not letting him wear her pants to work but she was still mad about him beating off on her ass and his drunk friend banging on her door at 2 in the morning.
let him in, he probably has cigs
and do i want him putting another hole in the wall with his head. . no thanks.
yeah, you're right, it would have turned into a nightmare

& there ya go. in the next dream they are all together in an apartment filled with too many rooms, pets and chaos. no yard, no flowers, but a 'work-out' room. ugh.

oh well. 7:30 a.m. and she is alone with the rest of the chardonn aaaaaaaaay, brandy and a couple of cigs. she opens the magic window:

salty - shit - one call for submissions

ag - oooooooo... star linguini .. affectionate eyeshadowing

myspace - i am going to collect a reward (my secret)

blogger - htc stopped by and left a dose of 'hello, how are ya, my friend'.


Nina gets out a can of jellied cranberry sauce .. she is going to feast on the other white meat, tonite.