Sep 8, 2008

The End Of Summer Brings Nina Back To His

hello there,

is that a sun rising in your

you have no friends, do you?
you only have your dream machine.

you're so pretty, you're so sweet

monotonous paste

i have nothing to give you...

what i am ahhhh what i am ahhhh what i am ahhhh what i am ahhhh.

Jan 26 2007 4:04 AM

the night is:

a sour stomach

pill wrists
that can't part from his palm

replies left

breathing things that are unreal

the retarded tongue demanding a taste of

clean water in this world's dirty hair

a dancer toweling the old nylon armpit

detatchable fingers
holding strings of fear

galleries of nudity --- idiot bones --- flat bodies

porches of droid behavior


one bottle of bubbly down, 3 to go.

hope you are all well.