Apr 1, 2009

hello, spring:

i fondle you & i kiss him

pocket your flying colors

your sunny composer voices
so tran,quil,iz,ing
is suddenly drummed up
fat and full of gnome gardens, a reckless soil

my april heart of not-beats

a fuzzy collage of:
tiny pink ribbons
a tulip
lilac dusted yet pearly

ha, you forgot the robin.. and your eyes are kites in the sky, my love, my sweetness, my endless bliss. your code is always hit & miss.

my code is on your lips!

maybe.. until i burn it off with my next cig. nah.. i'll plant a tree for you and water it with some shiraz.. paint a chicken embryo, send it to you like a yummy chocolate bunny.. take the car to the car wash & and not feel like such a winter mummy.

alrighty and just so you know, the embryo i will keep safe with the rainbow..
maybe bend it back
into a straight line
or send it to the echoes.

aw girl, don't be putting no salt in my game. you know i love you and you drive me insane like the winds that drag red souls --- green stretching against the spines of displaced moles and beyond this..

yes.. do go on.this is much better than the chicken.

i'll sketch into your hair:
the sparkle of a million diamonds
the most delicate iris, fragile and fair.
dearest blue heart, my ship, my tender rain mouth, my terrible plum.