Sep 12, 2007

Nina Goes Harlequin

Nina wakes and wishes she could spill her heartache into the room
but it is already too empty
& big enough for a battle

written on one wall
in an explosion of rust:

yep, you dropped by alright
just like a flushable moist wipe

beep beep
incoming message from
mr yellow mellow:
found those mouse skin gloves you wanted


and one glock 9mm

I don't remember asking for one of those, you gumless socket!

my dear friend, you don't remember alot of things lately.. TTYL

he was right, she spent far too much time drifting between dream stations
watching ________ spit his seed into every porcelain ashtray of an open link.
damn him! he was the dark star taped to every page she wrote, a blue moon stuck in her throat.
Nina fights the urge to dig out her opiate tuck. instead she puts on her favorite dress: pale & cool with real leafy undertones. she adorns her hair with a few closed michelia champaca buds, grabs her silver purse & skips down the
sometimes there - sometimes not