Oct 3, 2008

Nina Feels Leaden Yet Unusually Deep

kept bound in her calendar:

a childhood that sometimes pours
liquid time

hearts spun
in a sleepless dive

the surge of mind strings
useless wings
a wobble
the slight bounce of darkness

a pageless

garbled signals
waving like flags


Sep 8, 2008

The End Of Summer Brings Nina Back To His

hello there,

is that a sun rising in your

you have no friends, do you?
you only have your dream machine.

you're so pretty, you're so sweet

monotonous paste

i have nothing to give you...

what i am ahhhh what i am ahhhh what i am ahhhh what i am ahhhh.

Jan 26 2007 4:04 AM

the night is:

a sour stomach

pill wrists
that can't part from his palm

replies left

breathing things that are unreal

the retarded tongue demanding a taste of

clean water in this world's dirty hair

a dancer toweling the old nylon armpit

detatchable fingers
holding strings of fear

galleries of nudity --- idiot bones --- flat bodies

porches of droid behavior


one bottle of bubbly down, 3 to go.

hope you are all well.



Feb 13, 2008

Nina Writes To An Old Friend

dear mr yellow mellow,

you seem as down as i am
knew you were around this a.m.
and even though i was ready for something more
you only tickled my head
i was ready for something
no invisible tiny
nothing spinning
far away
i wanted filling


now it is 11 a.m. but
i've got a little vodka
some of nature's nectar &
2 dictionaries
i've got sadness
no job
hours to kill
3 lighters &
one pack of cigs
& hey
i always thought of you as the guy with
sun lights
hidden in his hat

well thanks, always thought of you as a bit
dipped out (in a gorgeous, satiny way, of course)

Feb 4, 2008

Nina Opens a Bottle of Cold Duck

she wishes he would open his eyes
the garden is dead, a white blink
in the dream stream. his pose
is the heart of a song she heard
long ago. lithium. fog. she gently
touches the screen, her hand feels
sinuous, her mouth is a red tent.
he has left one socket open. a
blue glow touches her finger. her
breath comes out wrong.

opposite headlights.
when I open my eyes
I don't want to strike blood.

the automated air purifier clicks on
making Nina jump

don't spill your drink on the keyboard,
baby, omens are underfoot

I...I... just wanted to tell you
that I miss you..

and? and what of these sad & lonely


the dream..

following tracks in the snow..
she is in a small shed
the single window is cracked
& full of ice-blooms & silverfish
she lies down to wait
newsprint covering
her hands & face


Jan 22, 2008

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speaking light through the
air. sex lamp
Oh, the architecture. the empty contestant squints
unclear, or
our flight
a desert,
whose newborn rain closest
a sandblast of The
outside fish-mouths open. the I membership
full as waterglass, lightning scrimming
the television guest out for semi nude girl in sable waist,

where are you going? I feel weird.