Feb 27, 2009

Strung Together

ringing through reason aisle)
the phone, .

please bring vodka home


what the fuck - are u drunk already?!

no, just in the shoulder of the cap. and people, they are letters, extending into picture stretched hands
every lamp post a soft swallow

i'll pick you up some chocolate.


minutes later * home
face & stranger in the chair. time locked.
lagged sun spasm.
my only eye clamp: narrow hips. tiny tree feet wrapped in tiny crashes.

he kisses the long december of her back, her mixed-up, hyper hair, half light , half black.

the ice turns to fog turns to trembling:
did you mean to say, humping?

no. not at all.. closed eyes heavy with THAT
look . touches propped prop.


this show/hide version of somehow-shadows, ceiling shots

get back to the stretched hands

i kiss yours

try to focus, ok? shows teeth.. moves
heart to new heat. .

later he puts a tiny gold sticker of a lost shell on her slender shoulder

there are some missing parts to the story like the still point
when there was only silence

how when she forgot him her lines started to disappear

drawing by MethMaker

Feb 22, 2009

electric eel

s my butt doing that thing? the turning to stick to it ness. ]him: a Reply

o our little Demoral.

"So you rambles about lace cigs.
Report o landscape. The peripheral grey scale tired. close eyes heavy with that
Look up * send Recent Posts
o o Post
the window. room Clogged With the door
see the clumsy I've become * Quote
o Invite
o o and in bed usually you come more, with pinches to hide

a photograph:

"We'll watch or needle with self-conscious
accent Message jiggle
left-over breasts

propping light
under darkhair,Somehow
shadows .
black eyes

ceiling shots

nightstand hat . a Show/Hide vision. head." open to here. satisfied

tucked lips strum to hum, my simulated tingle *

Feb 5, 2009

just a little pinprick..

Nina feels her thoughts being autosaved.
get out and get what u can while your dad is at home sleeping
no one can see u in your sweet dreams, the house is cold.