Jun 22, 2015

am i weird to take pics of my stuff? nah. i wanted to record the progress of

my window boxes, because next summer i am going to plant a couple more, like 5 or 6. anyway, i turned the first two boxes around so now the hot pink flowers are facing the church parking lot and the purple ones are facing my balcony door:

this is the newest box - i planted 2 different types of "sedum" in it, because i am going to put it out on the railing in this building's unheated entryway/hallway this coming winter, and from what i gather, sedum can take the chill:
i turned up the color it looked blah

(i am listening to HTC's latest, beautiful, music, as i post..)

the ole house guard is now the balcony guard:



the old asparagus fern plus baby and mondo grass, which i have to give to someone to plant in their yard because i have had to repot it every minute - not a container plant