Feb 19, 2007


she woke up with one sock on and
one sock off

they were green knee-socks and
reminded her of the girl scouts and
that goofy sun on the old kellogg's
raisin bran box .

on the mail screen from Valentino Body:
dig, Date: Feb 5:37 AM Spam or ? ]

these `,`,`ords in heads, burn.

clock rod order
arks and your hands
i've flagged tomorrow,
you red bow nanna absorbed in white

Check Clear Next

that little slish- swishing sound
like in the beginning of that postal service song,
Such Great Heights

Feb 18, 2007

Nina Rides A Hundred Miles In Six Hours

her sleep is mystical nonsense
she can not answer his shape
only sense his face
he has a beard
artfully disguised as soft

Feb 7, 2007

after midnight nina gets caught in the mesh of search

passing a mysterious pile-up of kisses
the brakes start cracking &
her windshield buries all mass of runout stars
maybe even footsteps
always beautifully missing


she has avalanche dreams
teddybears with eyes cuffed in blue

once champagne fell from the heavens &
a drunk boy put out his cigarette