Mar 23, 2010

Pencil and Crayon

in fairy tales
we walk through our snowy world..

don't blink


there are fresh places in your eyes
i want to catch them for the map

heh. watch your step. the snow is deep there where if it were blue it would be green



do you mean, red?

      maybe. i don't know. winter is nice, i do love you ..

like gentle mittens?

 & flip flops

Mar 22, 2010

(02/04/10 22:41:33)


i can fuse the cheese into a nacho plate.

Packed individually for freshness...

so, Nina, what's up with your stereo?

sounds alright right now, playin' billy idol.

and fat cat is all good?
no. something happened while i was gone.

don't be afraid.