Apr 18, 2010

Nina Sleeps

the lights move on
faces:sharp noses
tub eyes, the blue knocked
his mouth
an accident
move, she thinks
her hair is good/real:
everything from the ocean
new. & inside her Other
mouth Sweet Candy


listen, when I cut over
Again, I will write & there will be
a rainbow with everYthing Sky, chimes
that catch the wind, snowflakes will pave
the road in soft glitter -
you will come out of the dream, a burst of
coolness ..

better teeth?

your smile will be a Language, never pleading.
the rooms of your days will be smooth and uncluttered


Apr 7, 2010

much later: saint twice in pocket

will you to my cave bed now

an absurd notion

the whole day has been absurd

i promise to cackle like jiggy red, i mean, what do i care, sitting in pablo's
no air apartment


big lad, all woman, no gaps

maybe my heart is superstitious so go back & spell levitate

you'd algebra me if you could, drive a tracker thru

the reign of the big can

slur bag, synaptic want


volume fraud, laugh gate

sarcophagi in a well

dice order

complete crash


a morning in april

Nina watches the sky shift. The mural is rain. The sprinter has gone out to
flip things back:
medicine for her ear

the rain does a blur dance
her head feels hot

hey.. are you watching the greys in the mural?

yup. where are u?

my eyes are in your street.

thin pluckings of brown.



whatcha do to your hair?

nothing. it's just dirty.


a swirl-crawl of mock, dangling cushy, that's what u are, u know.

yeah. but i make you laugh. hope you get your cigs soon. take care.

Nina stares at the blank pad, heart loosened, a bird lost, noise behind the wall.