May 19, 2010

Through the Cubed Window

Nina watches WarmThing sleep.
Curves outlined by silence, lips slightly open.
Hair: a glossy fan of smoothly smooth yet also
coiled, dishevelled & somehow a token. & those
breasts -
pills in the dark.

Nina zooms into the eyes. Into
WarmThing's, dream:

she is with Napkin
they are stacking lawn chairs together

< Is she smiling? >

hey, Yellow Mellow!
yeah, she is laughing.

< Is she wearing a black diamond? >

heh.. yes.

< I'm in too, it's nice, a fuzzy mood and I think that Napkin has probably loved her before. >

you mean, like in another time, YM?

< Maybe .. maybe during the Time of the Moon. >


May 18, 2010

by anesthezia, inspired by warmthing & napkin

my nipples are skinny
but when you pull on them
they feel fat

& your kisses have feet
they stand a little shaky but they stand

and make me

like some sort of tiny

like when i went into yours and it was not so tiny
it was huge and un measured like a song that dark turned and stretched and turned, a sigh;
a shift wanting to stay alone. but
my light is a bit broken so you let me in

May 10, 2010


Nina touches the keyboard

Solutions to install
No solutions found

just a room held by night

Nina takes a pill, smokes his cigarette. thinks maybe she will buy him a lighter.

May 6, 2010

Tags: None

illusion: XIV

never dead me
i police men, so okay take a shower, on for it.

silly chime - party all the time

spoon full -
special is something fix

fifty into just elite

but i happen in immunity. wake W itch, particular the exclamation, but mad - say the speak, the swim. . the I-you refract

dreams best sky rest, -

Maybe. particular in lack


u spit your tragedies into
music. while i eat
artificial crab meat,
rolling rock &

feel beat, a don't million with nobody Quality.

i was so happy, i thought that song, 'Hold On'
by LotusBand

it's worth a schedule full, see.


^ this is what i thought when i saw your pic

the one on facehook?


the silver artifice?

arc): chair the feeling

you happen, Mother, to the brought, the get ..

Print-makers, voltaire's uP ?

^ return potato in 0 is i out but worth something
i have,
dig? ^

an ever-magic; soul mute

Spartan but meschikles?

body-life-thing - narmur)

it's a multidisciplinary heaven

sometimes i want you like a
mad elementary roll

b/m illion of say .. panels of lock: your lips

bleed hip > everybody's in vying artistic, No of don't-slides and fondly,