Nov 1, 2010

when have I not loved you

(11/01/10 01:21:53)

I have loved you forever - loved you like the moon's soft, silver, leaves - like art, exotic & sightless or rain - wet and glistening on Nina's window pane. I have loved you through your calculated phrases to potential lovers dash or mothers. I have followed you from alleys to mattresses to castles rich with gold and surrounded by snow. I have loved you for a million years. Loved you in gardens, in fountains - loved you through thick and thin. Loved you like a favorite song - like velvet, like cotton - like bare skin. Loved you like a grand piano, like a victorian portrait, framed in silky webs. Loved you when I was a cloud and you were a tree. Loved you when you said, 'I won't judge.' & 'Don't wait for me.' I have loved you in my darkest hour - held the grace of you in my dreams. I have loved you like a white swan in a dark cave - an endearing sonnet, leather and lace. I have loved you like pearls and pearls of skies & eyes - even the shifting of lanes. Love you like Mardi Gras - fog & ghosts. Loved you like the smell of long-ago trains. I have loved you in Paris & Rome - on balconies held up by angels on two legged toes. Loved you like a centipede, a turtle, a troll. I have loved you like falling and being caught - like a roller coaster, like a sling-shot. Loved you in smoky dimensions, barefoot and empty. . loved you - love you.