Aug 22, 2012

spill and chill? truth or dare?

i think my doctor is trying to kill me. for the second time.. 2 new meds and i passed out at work. couldn't even drive myself home, sister sweetness had to come pick me up. i should probably shop around for a new doc but i guess i just don't care enough. in fact, after thinking about it, very, very, long and hard, i have come to the conclusion that the only reason i keep 'walking the line' is for hailey and ash-ah-lee (that is how hailey pronounces her little sister's name.. ash-AH-LEE .. so cute.
i work very closely with the elderly and let me tell you, there is no such thing as, 'the golden years' unless you are talking, piss. okay, .. back to my new addiction, i already have, 29 boards! you can even set up a board to be one giant 'group' effort. i hear there are several pinterest copycat sites, i may have to check them out. i should start shopping for a new laptop. i want a larger screen. i pay $70 a month for my, mostly slow ISP, might as well get all the satisfaction i can. i mean what else do i do on my days off? i did practically zero yard work this spring and summer except for some raking of the leaves. everything i planted last year came back the way it should BUT the deer eat everything that tries to bloom! the only thing they turn up their noses up at, are the native ferns. i am however, going to buy more colored glass to pour in between the rocks that are the path to the front door.