Mar 20, 2013

I'm In.

On piggy-back. Until I get my equipment moved by my regular IP, because I still have a year left on the contract. ugh. My spotify won't play though.. "Because your account is being used somewhere else." heh.
yeah. so I am all moved in. At the expensive of my left knee getting all jacked up.
So just in case I can't get in here tomorrow.. (My anniversary to speak .. 2 yrs of sobriety and no sex.) none. nada. Two years. I still have my last pack of cigs. The pack I brought with me on the train. yeah I know it's, road to nowhere, but you can replace road with train.

I tweaked the Scrabble poem from 03.02.13

We , and where is our Scrabble game?

A blank night
Are you
say I
ruined with perfectly
kitty in the static snow
little bunny ears
connecting fronds

you review my stats
all the lonely days & good-byes
your hair drowning your shoulders
as you drift
against this hole in my eyes
the weather in
this room
cool yet to come
I am John Keats in a tie-dye t-shirt
in your lap of milky
day to
talk about
the knotted and twisted
on actual paper , the clouds


your porcelain


Mar 8, 2013

let's decorate!

I can move in next week!

I am going to attempt, once again, to achieve and maintain, a modern,
minimalistic look / feel.

Here is the photo that will keep me on track..

to have a personal photo, blown up, and mounted on anything from acrylic to raw aluminum is expensive.
I don't have a couch or a coffee table.. I have.. one blow-up mattress, a velvet chair and a storage cube. oh, and one TV tray. I am leaving the area rug here. Well.. just thinking out-loud.

I also want a 'sideboard' .. I could shoot myself - I found a vintage, stereo console / cabinet at the Goodwill, a couple of weeks ago for $30 and didn't buy it. omg, how stupid! It looked like this

only in a dark wood. I just found a few online.. for $350!