Dec 19, 2010

UV but no cigs

honey bunches of oats ~

spring in winter ~

I hold on to your lip gloss.
I hold on


what is you:


in the most



you are a frame

a flame

a color not of smoke


Nov 1, 2010

when have I not loved you

(11/01/10 01:21:53)

I have loved you forever - loved you like the moon's soft, silver, leaves - like art, exotic & sightless or rain - wet and glistening on Nina's window pane. I have loved you through your calculated phrases to potential lovers dash or mothers. I have followed you from alleys to mattresses to castles rich with gold and surrounded by snow. I have loved you for a million years. Loved you in gardens, in fountains - loved you through thick and thin. Loved you like a favorite song - like velvet, like cotton - like bare skin. Loved you like a grand piano, like a victorian portrait, framed in silky webs. Loved you when I was a cloud and you were a tree. Loved you when you said, 'I won't judge.' & 'Don't wait for me.' I have loved you in my darkest hour - held the grace of you in my dreams. I have loved you like a white swan in a dark cave - an endearing sonnet, leather and lace. I have loved you like pearls and pearls of skies & eyes - even the shifting of lanes. Love you like Mardi Gras - fog & ghosts. Loved you like the smell of long-ago trains. I have loved you in Paris & Rome - on balconies held up by angels on two legged toes. Loved you like a centipede, a turtle, a troll. I have loved you like falling and being caught - like a roller coaster, like a sling-shot. Loved you in smoky dimensions, barefoot and empty. . loved you - love you.

Sep 7, 2010

Others were suppose to meet us at the Gathering Sidewalks

  • during slow time we
    strip billboards
    looking for clues
    the Welcome Ladies try selling trips
    not one human can afford.

    once M decided we should explore the L during daylight.
    there was a mean bimmer he wanted to steal. I thought he must be talking about a tank but
    then he explained
    that it was a small vehicle that could fly, could blend into
    clouds and hoover.
    like a black helicopter? sort of, but more of a flat spin.
    what will you give for it? ..a couple of the books.
     Books?! - not THE Books!
    maybe just the newer ones, they have no power.
    even when the reader is pulled in by the sound bites?
    don’t worry about it.
    but I was..
    I closed my eyes
    to drown between his lines
    greylight, hitting buildings like blood
    a blue sky paraphrased by slush, bits of scale
    circulating thru patches of black
    sinking deeper, the water a throat
    of eyelashes, of ink, torn flesh
    moonbitter scars that pop and bulge
    the taste of salt soundless
    words under words trying to touch
    pieces of heaven dotted
    with sky, soft as toes in the sand
    M and I try to sleep
    on the, smothering
    comicbook type bunk. we wait for rain,
    listen to Vangelis.
    recite parts from
    The Lady of Shalott & so
    the days keep running together.
    I develop an eye infection -
    M says it’s from the neon dust. .
    something about how the colors are poison.

    Even when i wear layers of clothing
    you make the back of my neck tingle..
    are your hands warm?
    I smile because everything turns into something else..
    there is a naked girl in the box above us-
    another in the box below.



    our bodies are hot on a desk in front of a polished mirror > pure to see - white lace > and starched sheets, chiffon and minutes onwards, convolution-spending >
    the it vibrating when we of now, despite our partial partly > I expand him in my pupils.
    he’s on it and curious, anytime, to float with the shift > his body to me,
    it’s real and everything, flesh moving forwards > on a repeated light spin <
    the merry go-rounds > walls. I with a cig, go rounds between sheer curtains with him everywhere, he is my bedroom, > in its Merry- > Wonderfall. > even away, naked, in books >
    He’s the same>,wombed, sometimes crazy & stray > I save the naked, go-rounds, reflect,consciously. i don’t know what it means. the repeated can box, wear vibrating tints rosy.
    > Wonderfall. repeat me, even if jerk i ly, always, day.. even in his days of curtained silence, I keep these pages hidden on the roof with the cool rain and leaves.

    Aug 6, 2010

    31 Flavours, Day Seven, Harrisham Rhyme

    mushroom cap -
    moist dew mouth, hand
    to your lovely blonde stretch
    over my lap,
    reaching and
    ghosting a sketch.

    ((( /// ,

    Aug 5, 2010

    fluctuation of the pupil

    on repeat.

    through the cubed window Nina sees a squad car slowly circling the parking lot, the robo driver entering numbers into its box.

    too many abandoned vehicles.


    you gave your laptop a name..

    lol. yeah.. 'Dellarina'.

    what did the song remind you of?


    Jul 24, 2010

    a Found Poem (solid block of fuel)

    Calling Close on a Stream
    flushes any buffered data,
    essentially calling Flush
    for you.


    When deriving from Stream,
    if you have an internal byte buffer,
    it is strongly recommended
    that you override these methods
    to access your internal buffer
    for substantially better performance.


    The thunderstorm rages -
    Nina lights another candle
    then blows it out.


    May 19, 2010

    Through the Cubed Window

    Nina watches WarmThing sleep.
    Curves outlined by silence, lips slightly open.
    Hair: a glossy fan of smoothly smooth yet also
    coiled, dishevelled & somehow a token. & those
    breasts -
    pills in the dark.

    Nina zooms into the eyes. Into
    WarmThing's, dream:

    she is with Napkin
    they are stacking lawn chairs together

    < Is she smiling? >

    hey, Yellow Mellow!
    yeah, she is laughing.

    < Is she wearing a black diamond? >

    heh.. yes.

    < I'm in too, it's nice, a fuzzy mood and I think that Napkin has probably loved her before. >

    you mean, like in another time, YM?

    < Maybe .. maybe during the Time of the Moon. >


    May 18, 2010

    by anesthezia, inspired by warmthing & napkin

    my nipples are skinny
    but when you pull on them
    they feel fat

    & your kisses have feet
    they stand a little shaky but they stand

    and make me

    like some sort of tiny

    like when i went into yours and it was not so tiny
    it was huge and un measured like a song that dark turned and stretched and turned, a sigh;
    a shift wanting to stay alone. but
    my light is a bit broken so you let me in

    May 10, 2010


    Nina touches the keyboard

    Solutions to install
    No solutions found

    just a room held by night

    Nina takes a pill, smokes his cigarette. thinks maybe she will buy him a lighter.

    May 6, 2010

    Tags: None

    illusion: XIV

    never dead me
    i police men, so okay take a shower, on for it.

    silly chime - party all the time

    spoon full -
    special is something fix

    fifty into just elite

    but i happen in immunity. wake W itch, particular the exclamation, but mad - say the speak, the swim. . the I-you refract

    dreams best sky rest, -

    Maybe. particular in lack


    u spit your tragedies into
    music. while i eat
    artificial crab meat,
    rolling rock &

    feel beat, a don't million with nobody Quality.

    i was so happy, i thought that song, 'Hold On'
    by LotusBand

    it's worth a schedule full, see.


    ^ this is what i thought when i saw your pic

    the one on facehook?


    the silver artifice?

    arc): chair the feeling

    you happen, Mother, to the brought, the get ..

    Print-makers, voltaire's uP ?

    ^ return potato in 0 is i out but worth something
    i have,
    dig? ^

    an ever-magic; soul mute

    Spartan but meschikles?

    body-life-thing - narmur)

    it's a multidisciplinary heaven

    sometimes i want you like a
    mad elementary roll

    b/m illion of say .. panels of lock: your lips

    bleed hip > everybody's in vying artistic, No of don't-slides and fondly,


    Apr 18, 2010

    Nina Sleeps

    the lights move on
    faces:sharp noses
    tub eyes, the blue knocked
    his mouth
    an accident
    move, she thinks
    her hair is good/real:
    everything from the ocean
    new. & inside her Other
    mouth Sweet Candy


    listen, when I cut over
    Again, I will write & there will be
    a rainbow with everYthing Sky, chimes
    that catch the wind, snowflakes will pave
    the road in soft glitter -
    you will come out of the dream, a burst of
    coolness ..

    better teeth?

    your smile will be a Language, never pleading.
    the rooms of your days will be smooth and uncluttered


    Apr 7, 2010

    much later: saint twice in pocket

    will you to my cave bed now

    an absurd notion

    the whole day has been absurd

    i promise to cackle like jiggy red, i mean, what do i care, sitting in pablo's
    no air apartment


    big lad, all woman, no gaps

    maybe my heart is superstitious so go back & spell levitate

    you'd algebra me if you could, drive a tracker thru

    the reign of the big can

    slur bag, synaptic want


    volume fraud, laugh gate

    sarcophagi in a well

    dice order

    complete crash


    a morning in april

    Nina watches the sky shift. The mural is rain. The sprinter has gone out to
    flip things back:
    medicine for her ear

    the rain does a blur dance
    her head feels hot

    hey.. are you watching the greys in the mural?

    yup. where are u?

    my eyes are in your street.

    thin pluckings of brown.



    whatcha do to your hair?

    nothing. it's just dirty.


    a swirl-crawl of mock, dangling cushy, that's what u are, u know.

    yeah. but i make you laugh. hope you get your cigs soon. take care.

    Nina stares at the blank pad, heart loosened, a bird lost, noise behind the wall.

    Mar 23, 2010

    Pencil and Crayon

    in fairy tales
    we walk through our snowy world..

    don't blink


    there are fresh places in your eyes
    i want to catch them for the map

    heh. watch your step. the snow is deep there where if it were blue it would be green



    do you mean, red?

          maybe. i don't know. winter is nice, i do love you ..

    like gentle mittens?

     & flip flops

    Mar 22, 2010

    (02/04/10 22:41:33)


    i can fuse the cheese into a nacho plate.

    Packed individually for freshness...

    so, Nina, what's up with your stereo?

    sounds alright right now, playin' billy idol.

    and fat cat is all good?
    no. something happened while i was gone.

    don't be afraid.


    Feb 5, 2010

    Jealous Guy

    i don't like him.

    jesus, nina..

    i am paging mr yellow mellow

    why? he can't do anything.

    he can be with us.


    identified: a security vulnerability

    what's up n .. m.. drunk again?




    mmmmmm... click... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,



    alcohol is legal!


    get out of the past, nina.

    Jan 30, 2010


    garlic and chocolate. apples and salt.

    keebler club crackers, a little scotch and planters cashews


    i want to have fun with you. i do i do i do!

    do you remember the last movie we watched
    and if it was really me, that was with you?

    i remember your mad mouth
    and your sad mouth

    what about that narrow, dark place i touched
    and the window i couldn't really see through?

    all i know is
    you touched me as if i were a flower
    and that should be good enough for you.

    lol, warm thing...

    you make my heart sing?

    yeah and if you want
    i'll be the napkin if you be the ring.


    Jan 25, 2010

    Nina Laughs

    she found her silver purse. it doesn't sparkle but the fringe is fun.

    you should have bought the boots

    she puts the purse in the closet with the 2 matching scarfs. no palm trees just beautiful cobblestones, a fireplace and snow.

    your body is cold

    winter is a vampire

    that looks like you

    Jan 19, 2010

    Nina Dreams as

    reflections repeat - nights in the duplex box. and through the window:
    angels float from another host. . dark, filled with holes, cracks, & smoke.
    these holes
    fingerprint her with glints
    push her into everywhere they've been -
    haiku of smoky noise.
    her naked body stirs, but only, slightly.


    far away
    tombed in his own dreams
    black irises
    burn lips, smear themselves on bony & fat tips..


    basket thighs

    how's your cash?

    i'm broke


    Nina is a theater
    her bangs & lungs are spray-painted
    the word
    is etched
    like a tunnel -

    he is
    a pink
    tiny bits of ice stuck in his bit
    a vibrating line
    marking the gloom



    Jan 11, 2010

    consider each keystroke ..

    a kiss.


    with bloody cuticles and shaky hands
    Nina types into the machine..

    dear ghost eyes
    i am sorry for calling you mean names. i am sorry you are sad.

    know this:

    you are my velvety ocean & my dreamland.
    my nest & my pulse
    my fever, my socket, my
    glass. my dark shadow ~

    i came across time for you,
    died a million deaths with you

    ran through alleys &
    walked through gardens of stars with you