Oct 21, 2011

7 months sober. today . and

i am as depressed as i ever was. unbelievable considering my beautiful surroundings. and the new job is a nitemare. well, i have to go already and i doubt i will get my own ip this winter. must save for vehicle. i'll probably get killed on one of these curvy 1lane roads. people drive them like speed demons. thanks for the visit.

2 pics of my other gnome.. & another post of sparklehorse - the best version

Aug 23, 2011

what do you want to do with the game in progress?

don't save
'invalid_ move'
stupidstupid spider solitaire
Nina stares at the screen
annoyed and just
pissed off -
no internet situation
blows !
outside bolts of lightning
frag ment the night's sky
the moon-fish swim in circles
turning every now & then to


in a dream
she follows pale_violet_links
to Mr Virtual Virtuoso's realm of 'No reason to stay awake'
obsolete electronics mementoes of another time
networks of amorphous alumni mannequins ~
their gushy eyes
unfinished paintings<>drawings
maps & manuscripts

a blacklight poster of a naked asian chick
pinned to a marred wall
on the sofa a box of

be smeared
in the newer portals of the
multifarious Never Ending ~
Emptiness sometimes lies down and stretches her long legs
until her toes touch the tip of a bed or blanket or the
coat of some unsuspecting fool
silently shuffling through his own dream / s
long ago ~
clusters of rosettes wet and shiny could be found
clustering under certain trees at the edge of the wood ~
a myraid of spider webs strewn across
flowering meadows only visible to the human eye
on misty mornings ~

your absence is still a hole in today

Nina knows he is right ~ nothing will ever come of it
~ * ~
Nothing ~ slinky in her black dress & new
eyelashes Nothing ~ sister to Emptiness Nothing ~
penetrating the divine with one single swipe and click
the simple hit and run the clinch & glitch
Nothing ~ c ode les s just a slip in the chip

sometimes Nina thinks she somehow misled him but
the truth is he misled her or they misled each other
without ever working up

a sheen of sweat

during the overshadowing the static
the marathon marauding her alcoholic
psychosis his designer drugs & those
many melancholy drizzles
he rocked her and she cradled him

after the rain the blue starts to open out and
s p r e a d
blueing everything

'There are no more possible moves
What do you want to do?
end game
return and try again'

Aug 14, 2011

hello, my patchouli.ed, ethereal-enchantment.my emerald

.symphony, Hello!

I have to walk a mile to connect to your realm. cuz I live here, now -

Face Hook is like a city, too crowded & busy. I only go when I get a personal message.

Aug 13, 2011

moonshadow - cat stevens

thursday aug 11

a m

The Idyllic Routine

Bad verses; tokens of my affection
written while drinking mineral water
as deer gambole across the lawn

where are you? still nestled deep within a dream?

... and when the tempest shakes the wave
:) i was stringing patterns of rain into a
necklace just for you, my flame-stitch ...





so where were, YOU, 'for a few days'?

i was here.


wed aug 10


so, talk. i'll be here forever in this time
less dribble. one word from you and i am fine.


eternity is in

in this tiny little bubble.

i can almost see the soundless rim of your hat.

you are a musician, you can transform discarded bits of
this and that

fringed bangs, pom-poms and shiny pendants

or just cut up a solid

propel the turquoise, Amelia ~ you billowy bou
doir of sumptuous softness!

why do you talk to that polyester-fill?

because she is a working sidelight. hey, what are you going to call this?


LOL excellence is not synonymous with perfection

did i tell you that i stopped smoking?

no. but good for you.


Aug 10, 2011

Just2BClose2U-'no sugar tonite, no sugar to help me rhyme'

Tues., Aug. 9 - 9:30p.m.

I am fighting to keep the demons at bay.


Mr. Yellow-


Hysteria Vid


Lackadaisical Loping

Beautiful Hell
all lacustrine

click your answer across the screen
make it sound like an oceanic whisper
maybe call it
Wire Strings in a Case
I didn't even miss her




Okay. So what happened?

ulcers. esophagus & stomach

new gentle phase, K? you start.




a spike

ultra violet

charge completed ~


I'll be gone for the next couple of days. x

Jul 23, 2011

your hair smells like sunshine, today & a note..



the sky, its wide bones; a boulevard. i am painting tiny stars on a shoe. tomorrow i will découpage my tea cup , glass box , lampshade - maybe with poems, maybe not.

Jul 16, 2011

Sentimental Code

spin-bird, snap-wire! how have you been?

sober. and, i finally found the prints in the chamber. the
bug is still under a handkerchief, all the shine gone from
its inky,

spoony legs.

and in the garden, where we used to sit,
almost everything has gone to shade.

nah, hoop skirt, lace collar, kitty cat.

hoodwink, hoodoo.


hey now, pocket-plus.

plum flush?

taxi, pixel, gotta rush!

À la prochainet..

Jul 14, 2011


strewn across my bed ~

I could be trying to sleep
under a ceiling made of
bark, branch and leaf;
freedom vents
allowing the body to finally speak -
white and

like a poppy
against your dark

'folie de doute'

red with arrows
the night pours forth
with mad glory!



I am sitting at the window again
a paperback face
your mouth opens
to kiss


angel feathers
spotted in the smoky drift
a cameo
in last night's dream

dancing to the acoustic version of Layla
like a cause
rising and falling



from your sweetness.
your, like, and is.
completely alone

Mar 10, 2011


You wear your red t-shirt like
my fever,

cover your eyes with sun glass..


drive, drive, drive.

I wake, only to find more snow has












songs. sung out loud.
spaces, roll by and by

your cursive heart.

the crunch of tires on ice.


blue. the waitress sets down our steaks. more lemon slices in a plastic cup.
your phone vibrates on the table. tattered cherubs stuck on the wall.

Jan 31, 2011

and she did..

she did see him again and it was odd because on that day she had baked a hen with ooddles of onions and garlic. (she threw the neck & gizzards out.) and the sun was only a white smidge of a smudge. and she was glad she had worn her navy blue, v-neck, Par Four, acrylic sweater, (made in the usa.) .. it was a sort of soft and warm hug that he could not give her, for he had no arms in this place.