Oct 26, 2006


she sliced





the girl on the radio
sang about love

Oct 23, 2006

Telegraph Draft

Nina wakes at sunrise and drives to the tower just to hear the phase shift

while she is there she decides to rewind his cassette eye

she isn't a sports fan but knows who won and when they play next

the trip back should be based on what stations she wants to hear

she hates everyone's favorite song because it does or doesn't have an intro

the equipment in her favorite dream always decides to stop working and just go to hell on a holiday weekend when no one can be reached

she can bring another lover into her dream

she floats in the lake every tuesday

she forgot what kind of music she likes

but instead likes songs because they sound good after the juicey jingle

back home - in box

beep beep

oh, what now?

a message:
Rufus Fontain would like to be added as one of your friends!

right. she feels vague·ly disgusted. and the coffee is weak.
the answering machine is flashing
check engine check engine

well what about my see-saw?

she wants to be a sky
white with happiness


Reflections In The Headboard

she had burned the nite
the cd spun
the three of them

she liked to turn the sound up
so the boy upstairs could hear

Oct 20, 2006

Open Wide

in my boy black a.m.
moved hands to stuck heart.

Through the veins
he spits a soft window
to my arm.

I am the mouth

I eat the away. of his straight painted bleak

I break the canned tongue

I am a mean

the song I devour was before
in his hands
a pin swatch
the star car--
once walls cliffs and fingers.

Oct 19, 2006

He Calls Me Babydoll


I've got the successful conclusion of your neck voice called gentleman:

link slip

The condenser is always on
the assistant
the one showing side one,
the audience loops in
Hidden everywhere.
release the lives of merchandise. the primal
she wants the rough of death
outrage bait
huge progression of the boredom gristle
drumming the keyboard with sexsex sex sex

Oct 17, 2006

Unknown Zone (mixed)

..She is thought warped, and this is always a head chec.k.
the more she fans his knock on being portions of her blue the more he becomes her pill-time. a razor. the naked draft choice. walking across the black waves she knows she is still in the parking lot.

rolling into tonight's orgasm would be too hard. he wants the perfect

and she would be happy with the perfect Italian pop
by Faust'O // L Erba

a little bowie, a little morrison thrown in, thank god she can't understand the words.

xxxxxx ..///./

Oct 14, 2006

Nina Tries To Write A Love Poem

but burns her grilled cheese sandwich instead

he is cute when he is 'arcing' ..
arcing? heh.


maybe you can orbit-trail me
but keep it
still and inner

send me your email addy & a dream to sleep in

Oct 12, 2006

I Light Cigarette Sweat

Does the dress paint the sidewalk
or does it paint you?

Lick my pits
or don't go --

'Wonder Retreat'

Cat piss

an episode of satellite warp or
out landos d'amour

smoking is impossible at this point

and all heat sits right beneath the skin

Oct 10, 2006

Hot Sauce

smeared sorrow eyes

Hoping you'll dance across my trail
with your cool safety fingers

won't stop moving
lost in forever

I lay waiting
brake placed
but still drove onto this morning
Where you open me
with your face
shot with skin


She Kept Telling Herself..

to breathe. no sense trying to figure it out.
she wanted to cry a song of silver on the red sheet

she wanted to pull
her eyelashes in

she wanted to sew him into the silky part of the quilt
and never let him out

Oct 9, 2006




she could smell tiny teeth burning

the riot of lost children

mouths bent by the sun

one smudged kiss

on firey glass.

Oct 5, 2006

Kiss My Ass, Zack

sipping red sugar
cupped like a tick
you me they
links in a trance

hallucin o genic HTML reflected in her car door
the sexy ride of melancholy

(she liked port, her mama did too)

the key strokes

the Web is filtered and slippery
with palm sexy
but Nina is sealed and
snow sweetened

the blue embrace

Oct 4, 2006

Nearly Laughing @

the rods & combs in his eyes

Nina sits in a slip of fullness
her passion tender & florescent hooded

(they are an absolute space waltz
of sometimes door-pressed lip slams)

please turn down your robot music

only if you turn off your
hypo static noise &
keep your commentary fingers
mummified with clear

could you put on your scant hair blow

but only because you are the shuttling ocean
cut over the part

I love you and become more over time


Oct 2, 2006

Fragments Remixed

Hey FlatfishX:

you need butcher paper & portable legs to fall with occasion
then at cum window(not yet written) girl hail & text trances to

remove the not here around movement

work the weight on the convenient animal
cut. jaw loose.


the dark