Nov 20, 2006

Things That Fall From the Sky

your crisp jacket
burns my shoulders like a red lake
keep me in your straight on stare
the night was made for your eyes
the look of glass

tuneless canyons
gathering darkness

sweeping sails

or the way you gesture this daydream
without ashtray

your wrists are just wrists
soft & heartless

Nov 16, 2006

Her Dress Suddenly Felt Like Pop Gristle

birds fly out of her mouth
leading the way down the hall
the air smells like lemon..

cases of injury
stacked like the final harvest
blink their own color away

Nina's dress is made entirely of pictures
up and down
a silky sound
of feathers on a winter lake
where stars sometimes just

her cell phone hooked between her breasts
the five favorites
glowing warm

don't forget the bob marley

throbbing neon in the Valley Shadow
skin is a short-circuiting slogan

Nov 7, 2006



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total fragments = 2
ranked neatly

they have the same color heart

a poisoned waste

don't let your screen be a bug catcher

fluttered mindlessly
in reply

she dips the straw into her blood and begins to write

something's wrong

the milkiness of the paper seems to grow

looking thru her new eye
she sees nothing
but his white dust sheet

in the Iron Bar
someone closes a window

laying on the sidewalk
in her skin suit
she moves clouds
with her tongue


Nov 1, 2006

The Boy In The Next Box

was playin his piano

she wanted to get out of bed and
put her ear to the wall

but had thrown out her back
picking up a wire

the tune was a deep
deep dark red
some type of flower
in the snow

the snow was in her head