Aug 8, 2017

Eric Clapton - Promises and a couple of other things..

so the first thing is that I am in mourning. Salty dreams is no more. Some other company took over and I can't find my way around or through all the new gates. I guess I thought it would just always be as it was. I wonder will the same thing happen to this blog? My laptop is very sick it can't even run Windows so I am on the big kindle and I hate this keyboard on the screen. I have to call Dell and ask for a recovery DVD because I can't find mine. Ripped this apartment apart. Not once but twice. So you know lately I get into something and have to have all versions of the same song or I'll eat the same thing all day or wear the same thing every time I have a day off.. anyway today is Eric Clapton day lol. I hope this blog doesn't disappear. It really is a journal.

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